Because P is for Pikachu, not plastic.

Starting on July 1, stores across Japan began charging customers for shopping bags, in compliance with the Japanese government’s call to reduce the amount of both plastic and paper trash being produced. In some ways, this isn’t such a big inconvenience. Getting around on foot is the norm in Japanese cities and suburbs, which means many already made a habit of carrying some sort of bag when they’re heading out in order to buy something.

Where it become a hassle, though, is those unplanned shopping detours, especially ones to the convenience store. Sure, you may not have stepped out of the house with any predetermined intention of buying some ice cream/shaved ice/Pocari Sweat/Ebisu Beer, but with the sun beating down on you on a hot summer’s day, it can very suddenly sound like a very good idea.

But helping to make those unforeseen transactions a happy situation all around is 7-Eleven, who’s giving away adorable, Pokémon reusable eco shopping bags!

Three designs are available, and each folds up into a zip-shut case designed to look like a Poké Ball (and with various Pocket Monsters on the bags themselves, these Poké Balls really are doing their job of housing the little critters until you unleash them in your moment of need). If you’re wondering why Pikachu is wearing a pith helmet, it’s because the eco bags are part of a promotion for the upcoming jungle-set Pokémon the Movie: Coco, which was supposed to already be in theaters but has been delayed to December because of the coronavirus.

▼ The remaining designs are an understated black-and-white pattern and a scene of Pikachu taking a nap while Celebi looks on.

While 7-Eleven could no doubt sell a ton of these, they’re not for sale through traditional means, Instead, 7-Eleven is giving them away to the first 100 customers at each branch who spend 700 yen (US$6.60) or more. With all the wonderful stuff Japanese convenience stores offer, that’s a pretty easy bill to run up, so you’ll want to hurry if you’re hoping to snag one, as the promotion is going on now.

Source: 7-Eleven via Entabe
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