Just be thankful the yellow one isn’t going after you.

Japanese Twitter user @rereren925 has only been on Twitter for a month, but she’s already proven she loves showing off her two feathered friends. The first of her pets is Pippi, a yellow parakeet, and the second is Poppo, a pigeon (yes, as a pet). Though the two of them usually get along fine, they occasionally fall into some healthy sibling bickering–err, tweeting?

▼ Not much family resemblance, but the feeling’s definitely there.

▼ They also happen to be spoiled rotten with all of these cool bird toys.

In fact, @rereren925 recently managed to capture a short clip of one of their sibling spats on her phone, and, as is the duty of all good parents, she posted it online for the world to see. Watch below as Pippi takes advantage of Poppo’s good-natured disposition by climbing all over the larger bird’s bird back and making a general fuss of things, then as Poppo finally gets fed up and takes off:

▼ You can almost hear Poppo’s exasperated huff, just like an older sibling.

11,500 Twitter users were tickled by the scene, and they left some of the following comments:

“Poppo, you’re too nice for your own good (*´ω`*)”
“Wing punches actually hurt a lot.”
“Poppo’s definitely the adult in this situation.”
“The pet bird in my house also likes to attack with its feathers!”
“It’s like a rodeo ♪”

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Source/Top image: Twitter/@rereren925