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It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Japanese language here at RocketNews24, but that’s not to say we don’t have any issues with it. For example, Japanese doesn’t really have a good equivalent for “food coma.”

We can understand certain words that are tied up in cultural or historical context not existing in other languages, but the absence of food coma in Japanese seems like a pretty big oversight. After all, everyone occasionally zones out after a really satisfying meal, whether your native language is English or Japanese…or if you happen to be a parakeet.

It seems that Twitter user Kumako was recently enjoying a pack of Jagarico. Kind of like densely packed potato chip cylinders, Jagarico are crunchy, salty, and genuinely delicious, making them one of Japan’s favorite snack foods.

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Sharing space with Jagarico in Kumako’s heart is her pet parakeet. So while Kumako was munching on some of the former in the vicinity of the latter, she decided to share her snack.

We think the bird liked it.

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“He was so into it that he just fell asleep while he was eating it,” Kumako explained. “I’m kind of worried about his manners.”

Online commenters were willing to give the guy a pass, though.

“Cute!! I’d be squealing too much to sleep!”
“No way he’s giving it back.”
“Haha he thinks it’s a perch!”
“Or maybe a dakimakura?”
“Seriously? They’ll do that? I’m gonna go out and buy some Jagarico right now!”

Cute as the bird may look, though, it’s generally not a good a idea to make a regular habit out of feeding your pets people food, especially ones with the marginal nutritional value of Jagarico. But hey, we suppose this is still better than if Kumako had decided to give her bird a bite of parakeet ice cream.

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Source: Hamster Sokuho
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