Your daily dose of lolwtf has arrived in the shape of a hilarious bird who can’t get enough of his toilet roll ride!

Whether they’re dipping into jars or looking after quail eggs, budgerigars are so beloved in Japan they even have huge collections of ice creams, anime characters and cafes created in their honour. Now there’s a pet bird that’s winning hearts around the Internet for his cute ability to perform a funny trick over and over again, and all it involves is a simple toilet roll.

▼ First, the bird slides into the roll…


▼ And then, rather than continue on through, he pokes his head out instead and goes for a roll along the floor.


▼ Stopping himself with his beak, he slides out and ta-daaa! He’s ready to do the trick all over again!


The clip has received more than 25,000 likes and retweets since it was shared on Twitter less than a week ago, with users leaving comments like:

“This is so cute! I could watch this all day.”
“It’s funny how it rolls itself around with its beak!”
“It looks like it wants to just keep going in to roll around again and again!
“I tried this with my bird at home and it just went shooting out the other end like a missile.”
“I can’t believe how clever this bird is! How on earth did you get him to learn that trick?”

According to the owner, the trick was never taught to the bird; instead it was something it naturally discovered and simply enjoyed doing. It all started one day when the bird fell asleep inside the roll when it was placed inside its cage. After they brought the bird out with the roll, he discovered he could roll around it while outside in an open space, and since then, the playful bird just hasn’t stopped rolling!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@fuukanko