“Even If You’re an Otaku, It’s Alright” says there’s nothing wrong with doing what makes you happy.

With his unblemished skin, handsome but nonthreatening facial features, and flawlessly styled hair, Toshiya Miyata looks like you’d expect for a member of popular Japanese boy band Kis-My-Ft2. But while many women’s hearts race when they see the 27-year-old Miyata, his heart pumps with passion for the mega-hot idol anime franchise Love Live!.

As a matter of fact, Miyata is such an enthusiastic animation fan that he’s released a solo song touting the wonders of the otaku lifestyle, titled “Otaku Dattatte It’s Alright!” (“Even If You’re an Otaku, It’s Alright”). The promotional teaser video, of course, prominently features glow sticks.


But more so than the hyperkinetic choreography, it’s the emotionally honest lyrics that have been attracting attention online.


Among the unabashed declarations of love for anime Miyata sings are:

Even if you’re an otaku, it’s alright!
Trading cards, T-shirts, huggy pillows
They always make us smile!

You know how some 3-D girls say people are gross just because they’re otaku?
Ah, but you’re not like that! I think they’re the ones who’re strange.
Aren’t we just doing what we enjoy?

Despite the prominence anime has gained in Japanese pop culture over the last decade, many otaku still hide their hobby from classmates, coworkers, and other potentially judgmental eyes. For them, Miyata’s song serves as a counterpoint, telling them that it’s OK to be proud of your fandom and wear it on your sleeve (since your shirt’s chest area is ostensibly taken up with a picture of your favorite anime character).

Source: Jin, Twitter/@R_Nxxx

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