Japanese netizens point out what they see as a huge double standard when it comes to how women react to certain comments and come-ons made by hotties or geeks.

One of the most common tactics to use when marketing an anime or manga to women is to include a lot of good-looking young men, or bishounen, blessed with impeccable style and a knack for always knowing what to say to really get the main character’s (or a female reader’s) heart racing.

Much like all the hype with kabe-don or ago-kui, for some women aggressiveness and a domineering nature can be a turn on when it comes to someone they have the hots for, yet downright creepy if that same attention is from someone they’re totally not into.

Recently a thread discussing what some fans see as a double standard has been making the rounds on the internet in Japan, and netizens have been quick to chime in with their best examples. Here are just some of the many one-liners that might be well-received coming from a handsome bishounen, but want to make a girl run for cover when uttered by a creepy-looking otaku.





Sometimes a difference in demeanor the only thing separates a nice guy and a “nice guy”.




Even the most innocent expressions can be misconstrued depending on what kind impression guys give off.




Despite netizen opinion, it might be a stretch to say a handsome face will automatically give a guy a get out of jail free card in any situation, but it definitely can’t hurt when trying to leave a good impression. At the end of the day, though, if she’s not that into you, looks aren’t likely to change how she feels, and neither is making a borderline-creepy comment.

Source: Kinisoku
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