Thanks to Pokémon GO, Hollywood executives are reportedly super-interested (again) in the idea of a live-action Pokémon movie.

The American landscape has changed. Before, when you saw a wild-eyed lunatic pacing around in circles in your backyard, you would’ve immediately locked your doors and called the police. Now, you probably just assume he’s playing the recently released Pokémon GO and pull out your own smartphone to join the conga line of players hoping to catch a virtual Squirtle or something.

Pokémon GO is so popular, it’s apparently even outpacing Tinder in terms of downloads and rapidly closing in on Twitter’s Daily Active Users (DAU), which, whoa, is bonkers for an ostensibly kid-oriented video game. It’s practically printing money for Nintendo.

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Naturally, the scent of millions of freshly-minted bills has aroused the attention of Hollywood executives – specifically those at Legendary Pictures – who are now apparently working day and night to close a deal with Nintendo for the rights to a live-action Pokémon movie.

According to Deadline, while practically everyone in Hollywood is drooling over the franchise’s film rights, Legendary appears to be “close” to closing a deal.

The deal itself isn’t finalized, of course, and Nintendo has, until recently, been notoriously averse to producing films out of their games. And we must also remember that literally every single video game adaptation movie has stunk worse than stale weasel urine, so fans should temper their expectations even if this deal comes to fruition.

Then again, if the film does get made, it’s doubtful anyone will actually be viewing it, as fans will be too busy fighting each other to become their movie theater’s Gym Leader.

Source: Deadline
H/T: Kotaku
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