No celebration is complete without a decorative watermelon.

Creative artists have been dipping their fingers into the culinary world lately, bringing beauty to everything from foamy coffee tops to dessert bowls and even grated radishes. Now people are talking about a new food-based artwork that’s impressing everyone with its colours and intricacy, and it’s all thanks to a talented Japanese dad with an eye for carving.

▼ Since Twitter user @cherRy_cling2 posted these images of her father’s handiwork, they’ve received thousands of likes and retweets.

The watermelon contains intricate carvings, etched at varying depths to create different shades of colour. The green rind reads “Happy Wedding” and features a beautiful butterfly, along with some love hearts and an adorable image of a couple in love. The flesh of the watermelon also plays a part in the design, with dozens of petals creating a large bunch of pink-hued flowers that appear almost three-dimensional. Designed to act as a centrepiece at a wedding celebration, we can see the concept being used at other events like birthdays, anniversaries and corporate functions too.

While the watermelon art has been popular with people online, it’s not the only thing this talented artist can do. He’s also a natural when it comes to vegetables, with some impressive bird carvings also in the dad’s portfolio of works.

Originally a chef of Chinese cuisine, the artistic cook might make carving look easy, but there’s a lot of time and skill involved in the process. Having been a president of a carving association in the past, he’s certainly showing his flair for the craft with a unique medium!

Source: Iroiro
Images: Twitter/@cherRy_cling2