Pokémon Go isn’t the only Pokémon game around, as two brand new Pokémon are revealed, and they’re both a little scary.

While Nintendo’s new mobile game is a hit, eager Pokémon fans are starving for information regarding the upcoming installments in the epic Pokémon franchise. A spread in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro and a new trailer on the Pokémon YouTube channel revealed two fresh pocket monsters.

pokemon 2

pokemon 3

There isn’t too much to go on from the video itself, so who exactly are these two new characters?


According to the magazine pages, Kiteruguma is a normal/fighting-type Pokémon and Mimicyu (or Mimikkyu) is a ghost/fighting-type Pokémon that bears a passing resemblance to Pikachu. Both of these new Pokémon will have abilities never before seen in a game.

Reactions are mixed so far as both characters are wearing a mask or a costume so they kind of remind some people of horror movie creatures. Maybe they got the idea for Kiteruguma one day when a Pokémon designer saw Kumamon accidentally wearing another mascot’s head. Mimicyu on the other hand, is steadily building a fan-base with plenty of fan artists producing some joyous work.

https://twitter.com/pizzicatofuse/status/752906478651080704 https://twitter.com/finalsmashcomic/status/752927737980084226

That’s exactly what you want to see when you reveal the details of a new character, a whole lot of love. Let us know what you think about the new additions to Pokémon Sun and Moon. You’ll get your chance to play with them and all the other new Pokémon when the games are released later this year.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@AllGamesDelta

Insert images: YouTube/Pokemon YouTube Channel