Pikachu, Eevee’s exclusive Z-Moves also unveiled

The official English and Japanese Pokémon Company International YouTube channels each began streaming new trailers revealing version-exclusive Pokémon, trainer customization, Pokémon Refresh, and new Z-Moves for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games on Tuesday.

English trailer:

The Japanese trailer provides an extended look at trainer customization and Pokémon Refresh.

The videos introduce two version-exclusive Pokémon. The Fighting-type Pokémon Passimian will be exclusive toPokémon Sun, while the Normal/Psychic-type Pokémon Oranguru will be exclusive to Pokémon Moon. In addition, the Pokémon Rockruff evolves into the Midday Form of the Rock-type Pokémon Lycanroc in PokémonSun and into the Midnight Form of Lycanroc in Pokémon Moon.

Players will be able to customize their trainer’s clothing, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and accessories. ThePokémon Refresh mode will allow players to groom their Pokémon by brushing, cleaning, feeding, and petting them. The Pokémon will react to the player’s grooming.

The videos also reveal new exclusive Z-Moves for Pikachu and Eevee. Pikachu can perform the Z-Move, Catastropika, in which the trainer hurls Pikachu into its opponent, resulting in a flash of lightning. Eevee’s Z-Move, Extreme Evoboost, allows Eevee to gain boosts from its eight different evolved forms.

The games will debut in Japan and North America on November 18, followed by Europe on November 23. The three Starter Pokémon (pictured below) are: the Grass-type Rowlet (Mokuroh in Japan), the Fire-type Litten (Nyabby), and the Water-type Popplio (Ashimari).


The games’ new Legendary Pokémon include Solgaleo and Lunala (pictured below):



The games will be available on the Nintendo 3DS worldwide in Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, and — unlike in the previous generation — Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). Players can choose their preferred language when they launch each game. The two versions will be set 12 hours apart.

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