Nagasaki’s Peace Park, a memorial to victims of the atomic bomb attack, has requested that Pokémon Go developer Niantic stop items and monsters from appearing on park grounds.

As you might expect, the Nagasaki Peace Park is a somber place. As a memorial and commemoration of the August 9, 1945 atomic bombing of the city during World War II, it’s not exactly a festive location, and it serves as a reminder of the atrocities of war and as a place for people to quietly reflect.

That is, apparently, unless you’re a Pokémon Go player. The Peace Park has seen an influx, it seems, of people wandering into the park in hopes of grabbing items and collectible monsters.

Reports are vague on what, exactly, players can expect to find in-game at the Peace Park, but it looks like, as a major landmark in Nagasaki, the game’s programming has designated it a hot spot for items and possibly rare monsters. This isn’t sitting well with park curators, who have sent an official request to Pokémon Go developer Niantic to remove the location from the game’s code.

“The Nagasaki Peace Park is a place to pray. Playing games is not an appropriate activity,” park officials apparently said in their email request to have the venue removed from the game.

Niantic has stated they are looking into the issue, but have not made any promises and also noted that they’re not currently commenting on individual complaints.

Source: Kyodo Tsushin
Image: Flickr/Chris Gladis