Come with us as we introduce you to ten weird and wonderful mixed-breed Pokémon making trainers laugh around the country.

While Pokémon Go trainers continue to search for legendary monsters and rare finds within the augmented reality mobile game, some lucky players in Japan have been coming across never-before-seen hybrid creatures, created when two Pokémon accidentally morph into one. While some are surprisingly well-suited to the transformation, looking like they’ve been designed especially for the game, others are a little less convincing, revealing them for the glitches they really are, as the game accidentally picks up two nearby monsters and confusedly mashes them up together in the frame. The results are hilarious, with players sharing screen grabs of their finds on Twitter, and we’ve got some of the best below.

▼ Here, the two-headed Doduo teams up with Krabby, adding four extra feet and two snappy arms to its body.

And here it gets a pair of muscular arms and five-fingered hands, thanks to Geodude, the grey boulder Pokémon.

▼ This trainer stumbled on the bird during a “precious egg-laying scene”.

▼ While this one was spotted weirdly “evolving” into the vine Pokémon Tangela.

Doduo isn’t the only Pokémon to change its shape in the game, with Rattata getting two heads…

▼ …And some greenery on his back, thanks to Oddish.

This trainer gets four for the price of two, with a Krabby/Bulbasaur hybrid and a Pinsir/Staryu combination.

Some amalgamations look more like a scene from a nature documentary, like these images of Ekans appearing to devour Pidgey.

While not a mixed breed, this one is shocking all on its own, as Caterpie appears to have split himself open, waiting to terrify this unsuspecting trainer.

Despite meeting these weird and wonderful hybrid Pokémon, they’ve been impossible to catch, with trainers ending up with just the ordinary creatures instead. While not technically part of the game, they’re still fun to look for when out and about on Pokémon-hunting adventures! Have you spotted any hybrid creatures lately? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@ikacr4u