These honest pleas for help have caught all of our hearts.

The augmented reality game has continued to sweep the globe and with the recent release of Pokémon Go in Japan, it truly is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Hoping to use the popularity of the game, the Revolutionary Forces of Syria’s Twitter account have been posting pictures of Syrian children with print outs featuring Pokémon.

▼ “There’s a lot of #Pokemon in #Syria…Come rescue me!!!”

Syria has been in a state of flux since the Arab Spring movement in 2011. The country has been caught in a civil war which has claimed the lives of thousands and has displaced millions. The Revolutionary Forces of Syria are a coalition made up of opposition forces and hope Pokémon players will be moved by these images of their favorite pocket monsters with Syrians in dire situations.

▼ “I am in the Kafr Nabl in Idlib’s countryside come rescue me.”

▼ “I am from Kafr Nabudah…Rescue me.”

It’s hard not to feel for these children who have nowhere they can run to for safety. Hopefully, this Pokémon Go campaign will attract some more global attention to the unstable area and encourage people to do what they can to help the children. And it isn’t just one or two or three kids — there are plenty more on the @RFS_mediaoffice Twitter feed, so keep spreading the word.

Source: Huffington Post
Featured image: Twitter/@RFS_mediaoffice