For those who prefer their maids a bit more on the muscly side.

We’ve seen a plethora of different maid cafes, everything from “plump” girl cafes to McDonald’s maid cafes to even zombie maid cafes. But no matter the theme, each cafe has had the same universal trait: being staffed by cute girls.

But now one maid cafe in Taiwan is turning even that basic assumption on its head. Instead of staffing their cafe with cute girls, their maids are a little hairier and more masculine.

This cafe is staffed by guys dressed up as maids:

▼ Just look at that happy customer flanked by two adorable maids!

▼ Although we have to admit, the cafe’s advertising doesn’t
exactly make the fact that it’s staffed by men quite obvious.

▼ But to be fair, they’re not really a maid cafe – they’re a steak house.
That makes sense though, since they’ve got plenty of meat to go round.

▼ It’s not easy being a dude in a maid outfit serving up steak, but sometimes you just gotta roll up your sleeves and work it like it needs to be worked.

▼ And, every now and then, form a heart shape with your fellow maids.

▼ Wait… is that a female maid off to the left?! Blasphemy!

▼ Noble Family Steak House – a fun dining experience for the whole family!

Here’s what Japanese netizens thought of the maid cafe staffed by dudes:

“Hey, that’s false advertising!”
“Well I know where I’m visiting if I ever go to Taiwan.”
“I’m not ready for those high level maids.”
“Is this an all-boys school? These things tend to happen at all-boys schools.”

While these maids may not be winning any school “beautiful boy contests” anytime soon, that’s just fine because they’re clearly happy just being dudes wearing maid outfits. And that’s awesome, because if there’s one thing this world needs, it’s as many flavors of people as possible.

Source: Disp BBS via Golden Times
Featured image: Disp BBS