The internet can’t seem to get enough beautiful boys and handsome girls. Not that we’re complaining; there’s something strangely mesmerizing about people who can pull off looking like the opposite gender so well that no one can tell the difference. Plus, what’s not to like about someone just being who they are and looking good while doing it?

Well, Tokyo Institute of Technology (東工大/Toukoudai or TIT… okay, get your giggles out now!) seems to feel the same way, because, alongside their Miss Toukoudai Contest they’re having a Mister Bishoujo Contest—bishoujo being the Japanese word for “beautiful young girl”—allowing voters to pick their favorite Mr. Beautiful!

Join us after the jump to check out the contestants!

On September 27, after introducing each candidate with a sneak peek, the TIT contest page on Twitter announced they would begin the pre-contest voting.

“Tomorrow, we will begin preliminary voting for the Mister Bishoujo Contest!
Entry No.1: Akari
Entry No.2: Illu Mina
Entry No.3: Asagiri
Entry No.4: Haruka
Who will you vote for?
Also, tomorrow we will release photos of their faces~~
Keep an eye out for it!”

Over the previous week, they had introduced the candidates one by one, giving teaser photos without fully revealing their faces.

“I’m Akari, contestant No.1. (^o^)
I’m a high school freshman, 16 years old.♪( ´▽`)
I play the trumpet in my school’s wind instrument club!
My first love is my childhood friend Ko-chan, who’s two years older than me (*´ο`*) I can’t bring myself to confess though…”

“I’m Illu Mina, contestant No.2! I’m a 3rd-year high schooler! A senior☆ I’m in the middle of studying for my exams, but I’m having a tough time with math… That’s why I’m getting help every week from tutors at TIT (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))”

“My name is Asagiri, I’m contestant No.3. I’m 28 years old. At night I work at a bar on the outskirts of town. At my performance in October, you can see me in my work clothes—traditional Japanese wear.”

“Contestant No.4
Name: Haruka
Age: 24
Usual activities, obsessions: I’ve been touring the country as a member of TIT48, doing TV performances, concerts, and events. Recently, in my private life, I’ve been into going alone on trips of self discovery.”

On the 28, they finally revealed the faces of the four candidates!

▼ From left to right: Akari, Illu Mina, Asagiri, Haruka. What a lovely bunch!


Image: Koudaisai homepage

They’ve also opened up the polls for pre-contest online voting. And, it appears it’s open to EVERYONE! So if you feel so inclined, go ahead and pick your favorite contestant at the voting page here. It is all in Japanese, but it’s simple enough to get through, so just follow our quick guide below.



Who will you vote for?

Source: Twitter/ @titech_contest via Hamustaa Sokuhou
Top image: Twitter/ @titech_contest (1, 2)