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Two weeks ago, online voting began for the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Mister Bishoujo Contest, where the “prettiest” boys were put up for the internet to decide. Now the results are in and a winner has been declared!

And that’s not all: the contestants have put up a lot more photos of themselves in the meantime, so you can take a look at just how impressive their girl game is. Prepare to be amazed, and perhaps slightly confused, after the jump!

Just for a quick recap, the Mister Bishoujo Contest consisted of these four lovely entrants:

▼ No. 1: Akari (high school freshman), No. 2: Irru Mina (high school senior),
No. 3: Asagiri (28 years old), and No. 4: Haruka (24 years old).

And after all the votes were tallied, the winner is…






Contestant No. 1, Akari!

▼ “The Mister Bishoujo Contest is over! And thanks to everyone’s support, I won! Thank you all so much for your votes and kind words throughout. Here’s a picture of me with two entrants in the Miss Bishoujo Contest (a women’s beauty contest going on at the same time). Thank you all again!”

▼ Here’s a few extra photos of the winner together with friends. (Click to enlarge.)

▼ And hanging out with the Mister/Miss Bishoujo contestants.

Of course just because Akari won, that doesn’t mean the other contestants didn’t rock their own style as hard as they could. Here are some pictures from the other entrants:

▼ Here’s Irru Mina who got second in the contest.

▼ Woo-hoo! Second place!

▼ Lounging around with friends in front of the competition stage.

▼ Here’s a closeup of Asagiri, who apparently took this photo at home. Quite impressive as both the costume and photo quality look professional-grade.

▼ And in a slightly more modern-era Japan getup.

▼ Last but not least, Haruka, strutting her stuff up the staircase.

I think we can agree that all the contestants did an awesome job, so much so that even the typically stone-hearted Japanese netizens were impressed:

“Wow, they look like dolls.”
“They’re all so pretty. I’m in shock.”
“Why do they all look like they have toothaches?”
“(In response) It’s probably to cover up their masculine chin-lines.”
“Wait, I don’t get it. All I see is a bunch of cute girls. What’s so special about this?”

We’re not sure if that last commenter is actually confused or just trying to make a point that all the contestants did a fantastic job. Either way though, we’re just happy that “beautiful boy” contestants are becoming a thing, and slowly but surely the world, or at least Japan, is becoming a more accepting place.

Source: Koudaisai, Twitter/titech_contest via Kinisoku
Featured/top image: Twitter/irrumina, Twitter/AsagiriTitech (Edited by RocketNews24)