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Tokyo’s international air hub has one last bit of hospitality for you before you go.

Should you ever find yourself flying out of Narita Airport, the Tokyo area’s main international air hub, odds are you’ve got a very long flight ahead of you. But while several hours sitting in an economy-class seat isn’t really anyone’s idea of an ideal situation, there is at least one place where you can enjoy a comfortable sit before hopping on the plane.

After going through emigration at Narita’s Terminal 2, but before arriving at the individual gates, travelers pass through the Narita Sky Lounge Wa. Despite the fancy name, all travelers have access to the area, which has a kids’ area and a cafe. But even if you’re neither hungry nor travelling with small children, it’s still worth stopping by because of the extremely comfortable sofas from manufacturer Tokyo Nishikawa.

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Actually, Tokyo Nishikawa is a mattress maker. Its signature product, called Air, is the preferred mattress of a number of professional athletes, including New York Yankee’s pitcher Masahiro Tanaka and soccer player Kazuyoshi Miura.

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The sofas located in the Terminal 2 display area are made from the same soft yet supportive material as Tokyo Nishikawa’s Air mattresses. We were invited to stop by and see them for ourselves, and when we did, they were so comfy that we noticed a number of people stretched out flat on them, soaking up some ergonomic ecstasy before take-off.

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After trying it out for ourselves, we could see why, as the sofas are right in the sweet spot between too soft and too firm.

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Really, we can’t think of a better place to kill time while waiting for your flight. Just make sure to set the alarm on your phone so that you don’t sleep though your boarding call.

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