Kansai Airport’s open-to-anyone lounge is a great way to relax and refresh on your Japan journey

No loyalty program or first-class ticket required for this traveler’s oasis with free drinks, loaner Nintendo Switch systems, and shower booths.

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Yoshinoya has an ultra-luxurious wagyu beef bowl you can only get one place in Japan【Taste test】

The special meal with 100-percent Japanese beef might be the last thing you eat while on a trip to Japan.

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Video of Japanese airport baggage handlers’ amazing service fills rest of the world with jealousy

Comparison video shot at Brazilian airport shows huge customer service gap.

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This gorgeous hot spring is actually part of one of Japan’s most convenient airports【Photos】

New Chitose Airport Onsen isn’t just convenient and gorgeous, it’s an amazingly cheap place to spend the night too!

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Haneda Airport’s awesome sea bream ramen restaurant is the perfect way to end your trip in Japan

Make Japan even harder to leave by finishing your vacation with one of the most unique, satisfying ramen meals in Tokyo.

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Narita Airport starts free cultural event series with kimono-wearing, manga creator experiences

The Tokyo-area’s much-maligned international air hub is giving us a new reason to actually enjoy going there.

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Duty-free shops to open in the immediate arrival area of Narita Airport’s Terminal 2

Travelers to Japan will soon be able shop duty-free as soon as they land, eliminating the need to carry heavy purchases on-board beforehand.  

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Nintendo opens free gameplay area in Japan’s Kansai International Airport

International airport closest to company’s Kyoto headquarters lets you start your Nintendo travel fun right away.

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Tokyo travel tip: Use all of your leftover yen coins at Narita Airport’s huge capsule toy area

Change your pocketfull of change into a fistfuls of cool souvenirs from your trip to Japan.

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Wait, Tokyo’s Haneda Airport is home to over three dozen different Pokémon GO species?!?

It turns out Tokyo’s most convenient airport is also its most awesome for Pokémon Trainers.

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Flying out of Narita Airport? Don’t miss its awesome departure area mattress-soft sofas

Tokyo’s international air hub has one last bit of hospitality for you before you go.

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Free Wi-Fi announced for Tokyo Monorail

Good news! Tokyo Monorail has announced this week that it will be providing free Wi-Fi on the Haneda Airport Line later this year.

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Hey, you can’t do that! — 10 things that will get you on China’s no-fly list for life

You probably won’t be inclined to do any of these things on this list, but you should probably read it anyway because all 10 of these things happened in the past few years in China.

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Eat up, take off – The 20 best airport restaurants in Japan, as chosen by travelers

20 mouth-watering reasons to check in early for your flight.

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Star Wars X-wing fighter docks at Singapore airport, travelers encouraged to sit in its cockpit

If you ever thought you’d have to go to a galaxy far, far away to sit in the cockpit of a Star Wars X-wing fighter, you were wrong. All you have to do is go to Singapore.

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Japanese photographer brings out the beauty of airports and factories in gorgeous night images

After the sun sets in Japan, new landscapes emerge, with twinkling lights on land and at sea creating night scenes so stunning a “night view summit” is held every year to rank the best sights around the country.

While cityscapes continually take the top spots year after year, there’s one talented photographer who’s drawing our attention away from the twinkling lights of the city and towards two surprising new locations: factories and airports. While the places might seem ordinary, the images are the most stunning we’ve ever seen.

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Kansai International: The airport that’s never lost a passenger’s bag

One of the many things we love about Japan is its amazing customer service, from intelligent packing to omnipresent station attendants who pop out of the walls to help you.

So we weren’t too surprised to hear that an airport in Japan has been judged to be the best airport in the world for baggage handling. And the details of the top-notch service that helped Kansai International Airport clinch the title are really quite impressive. For starters, the Osaka airport hasn’t lost a single item of luggage in over 20 years.

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Narita Airport’s new budget terminal has running track floors, mattress-inspired sofas 【Video】

Narita Airport is the Tokyo area’s largest access point for air travelers. This month, the terminal added a new terminal specifically designed for low-cost carriers and budget travelers, but as this sneak peak video shows, affordable can overlap with innovative and stylish, as Terminal 3 is set to prove that you don’t have to spend big to help people travel in ease and comfort.

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Oblivious tourists wander back into Japanese airport’s departure area, mass chaos ensues

Delays at airports are often inevitable due to congested air traffic or technical difficulties, or because the evil cabal of airline operators deemed it time for more delays. Whatever the reason, it’s certainly frustrating to have to wait an extra hour on the tarmac while children scream, people shuffle around, and someone possibly has an Alec Baldwin-esque outburst.

But these woes are nothing compared to what people at Japan’s Naha Airport endured when three tourists accidentally wandered back into the departures area and single-handedly put the entire airport on lockdown March 9.

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I thought everyone was exaggerating about how great the airport in Seoul was until I actually went there


Since I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I try to fly out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport whenever I can. It’s just a 15-minute cab ride, and I can get through security quickly.

But, boy, is it a dump, especially in the United Airlines terminal. There’s an Au Bon Pain, but it’s really just a chow line without the regular storefront you see in most airports. That’s about it.

So the bar was set low when I flew to Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea, on a recent business trip. Still, I had a lot of people, including two of my Korean colleagues, tell me it was the best airport in the world (it was ranked the world’s second-best airport by Skytrax, a high honor).

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