Well, I guess it’s not too far out of the realm of possibility…

I’m excited. You’re excited. We’re all excited about Pokémon Sun and Moon. Our childhood favorites are going through some dramatic changes in their Alola forms. Some look completely different, while others look a whole lot cuter.

Raichu is one of the cute ones. Raichu’s Alola form looks like an ultra-kawaii, tanned version of the original.

▼ Just look at those sparkling blue eyes. Those rounded ears. That chocolaty coat. That…surf board tail?


Alola forms are often the result of adapting to different climates. But, does this apply to Alolan Raichu? If you take a look at the official site, you’ll find that researchers don’t really know why Raichu changed form. If you ask a local Alolan, though, they’ll suggest, offhand, “Maybe he ate too many fluffy pancakes?”

Well, I guess that’s one super adorable way to adjust to a new climate (like a kitchen), and many Japanese netizens have declared it a hilarious reason to change. Many of them are also exclaiming, “Joshiryoku takai!” or “That’s a lot of girl power!” It’s a phrase most often used to describe someone who’s particularly good at cooking or cleaning.

If you ask me, though, just because you eat a lot of pancakes doesn’t mean you’re the one making them…

In any case, perhaps you, too, will become a tanner and cuter version of yourself if you eat a ton of pancakes. Just make sure they’re fluffy!

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Image Sources: Pokémon Sun and Moon, Wikimedia Commons/Michael Stern