Out for a cruise, in more ways than one.

Despite starting out as basic economy transportation, Honda’s Civic has earned a lot of goodwill among driving enthusiasts. Thanks to its sturdy engine, lightweight chassis, and extensive aftermarket support, the Civic has gone on to fame in both drag and circuit racing, but one proud Japanese owner recently found himself battling the elements rally-style during a typhoon in Tokyo.

A powerful storm blew through east Japan last Monday, right at the time Twitter user @world_lotus_ was driving on the Chuo Expressway. Among other communities, the traffic artery connects Hachioji, in Tokyo’s western outskirts, with Sagamihara, in northwestern Kanagawa Prefecture. Because of the mountainous terrain, the two cities are connected by the Kobotoke Tunnel, but with the typhoon hammering the area with rainfall, @world_lotus_ pulled up to find it severely flooded.


In the video, @world_lotus_ pilots his EK9 Civic Type R slowly ahead, wipers whipping back and forth, following at least two other vehicles as they drive past an emergency exit with its exterior lights ominously blinking. Thankfully, he later tweeted that he made it home safely, adding that since no water ended up in the car’s air filter, he thinks its prized B16 engine has escaped damage.

But please remember, if you absolutely have to be on the move during a typhoon, always follow the instructions of local authorities and be careful, regardless of whether you’re using private or public transportation.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@world_lotus_

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