And what a long super-crazy ride it’s been.

On 31 January, the citizens of Toda City, Saitama Prefecture exercised their civic duty to elect those who would help shape their future. And among those chosen was none other than musician Super Crazy Kun, known for tracks such as “Bunbunbun,” “Summer Bitch,” “Crazy Sex,” and “Tenten Mushi.”

▼ Tenten Mushi

Super Crazy Kun, who due to regulations had to be elected under his birth name of Makoto Nishimoto, is a bit of an political enigma with his dirty blond hair, tattoos, and bosozoku (Japanese biker) aesthetic of long military coats and rising sun flag.

However, rather than promoting any right-wing ideology, these are scars that he wears proudly from his rough upbringing in Miyazaki, as the child of a yakuza member who spent five years in a juvenile correctional facility himself. However, he managed to steer his path in the right direction and worked as a care staff after moving to Tokyo while building his music career.

“I’ve never been a hypocrite and hidden my past. My father being a yakuza and his time in prison are facts. My time in a juvenile facility and tattoos are also facts. It’s true I only graduated junior high and that I’m a playboy. How is that any different from someone who lies about their past, like what school they went to, only to have it come out after they’re elected? I guess coming from Tokyo University makes you perfect. Ain’t that swell…”

This actually wasn’t Super Crazy Kun’s first foray into politics. He also ran for Governor of Tokyo last July. It was a hard fought race against the likes of incumbent Yuriko Koike and a guy in dirty diapers. In the end, Super Crazy Kun narrowly lost to Koike, getting 11,887 votes to her 3,661,371.

Still, over 11,000 votes is nothing to sneeze at, so when the next opportunity for election came up, Super Crazy Kun headed out to Saitama to hopefully capitalize on his momentum. With only 26 seats available to a field of 36 candidates, he vigorously campaigned on the streets with speeches and dance shows.

Super Crazy Kun’s three-pronged platform is stated on his website, which is decorated with scores of randomly bouncing heads of himself.

Super Crazy Kun’s Platform

  • Relax the laws regulating the sex industry. Allow resumption of all food and drink businesses and eliminate business hour regulations so that 24-hour business is allowed.
  • Reduce pet killing to zero by introducing a license system for pet owners and strengthening penalties for killing pets.
  • Reduce the waiting times for children requiring social services to zero.

As he campaigned he also mentioned making education more equal, improving barrier free access in the city, and creating areas for the elderly to relax in. However, it was by far his standout appearance, accessibility, and confidence in himself that earned him a cult following on social media with young people.

“I saw Super Crazy Kun’s car in the parking lot yesterday. I wish I would have met him and told him directly that I totally support him.”

“I met Super Crazy Kun! He’ll be dancing at Toda Station tomorrow from 5:30 so I’m going.”

“Super Crazy Kun today. He’s popular with elementary kids.”

In fact, there were reports from some older voters that their school-aged children or grandchildren had begged them to vote for Super Crazy Kun.

And so, when election day came, Super Crazy Kun received 912 votes, placing him in 25th place and in a seat on the city council. Netizens who supported his campaign, also came out in force to offer congratulations.

“Well done! And congratulations! I will continue to root for you!”
“I look forward to your success in the future too.”
“Congratulations! Now how about a stimulus check?”
“Super Crazy Kun Makoto Nishimoto, congratulations!”
“From Citizen Super Crazy to Councilman Super Crazy to Mayor Super Crazy?”
“Will they call him Super Crazy Kun when council is in session?”

Super Crazy Kun is currently filing to be recognized as such during council meetings, but for the time being he will be Council Member Nishimoto. Nevertheless, he’ll still be Super Crazy Kun in our hearts and with his foot in the door of government, we will soon see if he rises to the challenge and follows in the footsteps of past greats such as Councilman Skull Reaper A-ji.

Even if he doesn’t, he’ll probably do fine. The bar for this job is really low.

Source: Super Crazy Kun, Twitter/@makoto_9999, The Sankei News, Tokyo Sports, Asahi Shimbun
Top image: YouTube/Entame Eizo Channel!
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