Intense rainfall suddenly floods part of Tokyo’s Asagaya neighborhood【Video】

Japan’s “guerrilla rain” launches a summer squall sneak attack.

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How you can help victims of Japan’s massive flood and earthquake by enjoying delicious Kit Kats

This one of the best-tasting Kit Kat flavors out of Japan’s many exclusives, and it’s aiding the recovery of disaster-stricken Osaka and West Japan.

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Industry, Artists Reach Out to Support Japan Flooding Victims

Large evacuations have made their way along the western coast of Japan as heavy rainfall caused flooding and landslides throughout the area.

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Typhoon turns Tokyo motorist’s drive home into crazy aquatic voyage in flooded tunnel 【Video】

Out for a cruise, in more ways than one.

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Storm floods Korean university’s library in dramatic style 【Photos】

Trading a library for a canoe course wouldn’t be an entirely bad deal.

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Crazy rains in China flood public bus interior, but passengers hardly seem to mind 【Video & pics】

Eh, beats walking/swimming, right?

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Lone crayfish stands in defiance of floods

Various areas across northeast Japan have been struggling to cope with the massive amounts of rainfall that have led to flooding and landslides. The scenes of destruction have dominated the news in the past week leaving many concerned about their fellow citizens, friends, and family in the region.

However, one young woman in the area found a little message of hope from an unlikely ally, a crayfish standing tall in the middle of a flooded road with its claws raised to the sky and refusing to back down.

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River overflowing? Got to get to school? Don’t forget your plastic bag! 【Video】

Bad weather holidays were the greatest reason for not going to school. Sometimes, though, the severe weather isn’t quite enough to force a closure. The wind isn’t quite strong enough or the rain or snow isn’t dangerous enough. So, if the school says classes are on, you do what you can to get there. A city in Vietnam has “schooled” everyone with the incredible lengths they will go to get students to their classroom.

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China: Typhoon sends fish flowing out of a dam, giant fish makes creepy appearance on a mountain

Earlier this month, Typhoon Fitow rampaged through eastern China, sending heavy rains and massive waves crashing, causing floods across several areas. Zhejiang province in particular took a hard hit, suffering over 2 billion yuan (US$330M) in economic damage. Over three million people in the area were affected, hundreds of thousands having to evacuate from their homes.

Trust the Chinese to be opportunists even in such extreme situations. While many folks were busy fighting the storm, some were busy picking up fishes that had been washed out of a dam. No harm in getting some free fish for dinner, right? But a hair-standing occurence that was discovered later probably left many fish hoarders choking with guilt…

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Nagoya surprises citizens by unveiling new flood prevention technology

Just as the merciless heat of summer begins to show signs of relenting, Japan is now well into its typhoon season. It’s a bittersweet mix of winds and rain that can simultaneously cool us down and cause major destruction.

Just the other day, the city of Nagoya was hit by heavy rains which caused widespread flooding. However, surprising even the citizens who live there, new machinery charged with protecting the crucial subway system from being overwhelmed with water was unleashed.

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Thirty million tons of silt and water rocket out of Yellow River dam

The Yellow River, which flows through nine of China’s provinces, is historically one of the deadliest due to frequent large-scale flooding. In modern times, massive floods have been curbed by the invention of dams, but with that comes a different, equally startling scene.

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【Video】Fire engine drives/swims through deep flood waters

When a river overflowed into a nearby street following heavy rains in Melbourne, Australia, the Eltham Fire Department did all it could to reach those in need of rescue, including driving through waters over six feet high.

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Filipinos Remarkably Upbeat During Massive Flood

On 6 August a large part of the Philippines was hit with approximately half a month’s worth of rain inside a period of 24 hours causing severe flooding.  The capital city, Manila was among the many regions affected.

The death toll as of this writing has reached 60.  But what is amazing about this catastrophe beyond its scale is the resilience of the Filipino spirit, as illustrated in these surreal photos and videos.

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