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With Tokyo’s extremely efficient public transportation system, there really isn’t much need to ever drive anywhere in downtown. Still, if you’re the owner of a sweet sports car, we imagine you’d be itching to take it out for a spin whenever you get the chance, especially on a day like last Sunday, when the city was blessed with perfect driving weather. The skies were clear, the humidity was remarkably low for a Japanese summer, and the temperature was pleasingly warm.

Things got a little too hot for the driver of one Lamborghini, though, whose exotic Italian car went up in flames on the Tokyo expressway.

A lot of Tokyo’s streets are narrow and congested, but the Rainbow Bridge usually makes for a pleasant cruise course. Connecting central Tokyo with the man-made island and fashionable entertainment district of Odaiba, the bridge stretches over Tokyo Bay and provides dramatic views of where the city meets the sea.

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But while you can always catch a glimpse of the Tokyo skyline or Odaiba’s famous Ferris wheel, last Sunday motorists on the Rainbow Bridge could also see a 25 million-yen (US$248,000) Lamborghini Murcielago. The mid-engine supercar is rare enough in any condition, but even those who’ve already seen the model at dealer showrooms or car shows had to stop and stare, since this example was on fire.

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Thankfully, it looks like the driver got out safely, and since both doors are open, we’re assuming the passenger was able to escape as well.

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We don’t notice any damage to the car’s bodywork, so it seems likely that this isn’t the result of a collision. Since only the rear quarter is burning here, it looks like some sort of engine fire. Lamborghini engines don’t come cheap, but dropping in a replacement unit is still far less expensive than replacing the whole car. Hopefully the flames won’t spread to the rest of the frame…

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But hey, things could still be worse! At least the very tip of the front end is OK. If nothing else, the owner could sell it for parts, or turn it into a really cool coffee table or something, right?

▼ Wrong.

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Many car-loving Japanese Internet commenters expressed their sadness, dubbing the scene “a waste” and “tragic.” Even as the Murcielago came to the end of its service life, though, some felt the need to spit on its grave.

“Yeah, it’s a waste, but that color sure is dorky.”
“Lamborghini or not, that shade of green is just ridiculous.”
“It looks like a metallic grasshopper.”

One fan, though, literally felt the car had gone out in a blaze of glory. “That’s a high-end sports car for you. It even burns cool,” he concluded.

▼ Rest in peace, beautiful burning bull.

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Source: Hamster Sokuho
Top image: Twitter
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