Today’s forecast: It’s raining Magikarp!

This week Japan was hit by a series of typhoons, with residents in a number of prefectures ordered to evacuate in case of flood or landslide and more than a few public transportation delays, like one train on the Tamako Line that was hit by a falling power line or the lengthy delay at Harajuku Station on the Yamanote Line.

Still, in spite of the bad weather, not very many workers were lucky enough to get out of work, meaning most people were still as busy as ever going about their day, despite the nasty rain and debris.

The latter is what caught the attention of one Twitter user, who snapped a picture of a fish laying on the road beside him while driving.

▼ “What’s this, a fish?”

Pokémon GO enthusiasts were quick to assess the situation, leading to the following humorous little exchange:

▼ “Looks the same.”

▼ There, fixed that for you:
“Pokemon Type: Magikarp, Name: Fish on the Side of the Road”

▼ “No, but really, where the heck did it come from? It looks like it’s still alive somehow…”

Actual Magikarp or not, for the fish’s sake we hope it somehow survived the storm, although with typhoon season soon to get fully underway, Japan’s probably in for much stranger things turning up.

Speaking of which, check out this hands-free umbrella Mr. Sato invented, sure to come in handy next time you find yourself battling the rain.

Source: Twitter/@Nuclear765, Twitter/@kazuo3455, Twitter/@_zebasu_, Twitter/@ToyomacT
Feature/top image: Twitter/@Nuclear765