Usually commuters get upset by train delays, but this time they were all smiles.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Keihin Tohoku Line, a popular commuter line in Tokyo, was delayed by a train stopped at Kamata Station. Was it some kind of technical trouble or an accident? No, the train was stopped so staff could remove a very tiny stowaway.

The culprit? A Japanese bush warbler!

“I heard the Keihin Tohoku line is delayed because of a bird on the train. Do you think they mean this one? This bush warbler was on there this morning!”

Hey, buddy! Wouldn’t it be faster to fly?

Since the confused little bird couldn’t seem to find his way off the train, JR staff had to come in and remove him. After all, he clearly wasn’t holding a ticket or a Suica card!

▼ “There is a bird inside the carriage, so do not enter.”


This wasn’t as easy as you might think though. Perhaps our little feathered friend is a very determined densha otaku?

“This went on forever.”

You’d think with all the time it was taking, busy Tokyoites would be frustrated and angry, but if Twitter is any indication, they were taking it in stride and finding the humor in the situation.

“I can’t stop laughing, Keihin Tohoku has been delayed by a bird in the train.”
“On the Keihin Tohoku now. An announcement: there is a bird flying around. Well, that’s… peaceful.”
“On the Keihin Tohoku and the train schedule had to be adjusted because of a bird on the train! Really?! That’s not bad news… that’s bird news.”

Finally, the staff were able to capture the bird and take it off the carriage.

“In Car 7 (the bird was in Car 6)
JR Staff: ‘We sincerely apologize for the trouble!  … Why a bird would leave all that nice nature out in Ofuna to come to Oimachi, though, I just don’t know.’
Passengers burst out laughing.
This has been a live report.”

No word on whether they charged the bird the full fare before release.

Source: Heaaart
Top image: Wikipedia