“Look, mom, no hands!”

While trying to make his way to RocketNews24 headquarters amidst all the heavy rain the country’s been experiencing this week thanks to Typhoons 9, 10, and 11, the light bulb in Mr. Sato’s head suddenly went off, and he struck upon what might be the next evolution of the modern umbrella.

Sure there’s been a number of convenient additions to the basic umbrella design over the past year, such as rolling wheels and a place to sit, but none are quite as convenient as this hands-free creation by Mr. Sato.

Mr. Sato’s invention is an extension of the kataburera, or “shoulder umbrella” device, which screws into the handle of a regular compact umbrella to free up both arms as you make your way through a drizzle.



Unfortunately, it can sometimes slip off your shoulder as you move, and depending on how tall you are and how much of the length of the handle is used to wrap around your arm, it may not be ideal for anyone larger or taller than the average Japanese person.


In light of this, Mr. Sato decided that an even better way to use it would be to bend the handle into a circle, place the umbrella on your head, and voilà…


…hands-free, full coverage!

Unbelievable, right? So why hasn’t Mr. Sato been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Umbrella Evolution, you ask? Well, there’s just one problem… His design didn’t make it through the testing stage.

Despite how well the umbrella did when Mr. Sato was just walking down the street in normal weather conditions, as soon as a gust of wind blew his way or he broke out into a run, the umbrella was instantly knocked off his head.


▼ A few meters later…


▼ Did we also mention that it was somewhat difficult for him to get through the door?


All in all it was a good effort, but it looks like it’s back to the drawing board for now.

If any of you have got a good suggestion on how to improve it, Mr. Sato is more than willing to let someone else claim his idea. Just make sure you show us the finished product!

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