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Typhoon Lionrock has destroyed this month’s special range of Calbee potato chips.

The release of the “A la potato” range of Calbee potato chips that are available around this time every year has been postponed due to flooding caused by Typhoon Lionrock, which hit northern Japan late last month.

▼ The 2014 Calbee “A la potato” range


The category four typhoon caused a delay in the harvesting of Hokkaido potatoes that are used to make the “A la potato” range. The “A la potato” chip is a thick cut chip and comes in two flavors: lightly salted and potato butter.

▼ Calbee factory in Hokkaido

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▼ Video showing how Calbee harvests potatoes in Hokkaido

It has been reported that seven Calbee factories have been affected by the typhoon and the release of these chips will be delayed by a full month. They were due to be released on September 5 but it appears as if they won’t be sold until the start of October.

▼ Woman harvests potatoes in Hokkaido

Fortunately for Calbee, though, it looks like there has been no effect on their other products.

Source: NHK News
Images: Calbee HomepageYouTube/POTATO FARM OFFICIAL