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Take a peek inside the mind of a custom motorcycle builder.

Growing up surrounded by the smell of steel, oil and machinery, Shinya Kimura says it was inevitable that he would become a motorcycle designer. As the founder of Chabott Engineering, Kimura designs and builds motorcycles that he hopes customers will think look pretty damn cool. And even though he doesn’t draw out his designs and simply forms the shapes as he feels in the moment, seeing his work in this video definitely makes us want to ride one of his custom bikes.

In this short film by Henrik Hansen, we catch a glimpse behind what drives Kimura and see one of his fierce designs in action.

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The most striking thing about the two-minute-and-45-second video is Kimura’s description of the serene calm he feels while riding. Given how noisy and violent motorcycles appear to the average bystander, it’s interesting to hear a different point of view from a rider.

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Everything from the visuals to the visceral sounds of Kimura’s job make us want to design and ride a bike of our own. And then we remember how dangerous it can be and are content to just watch the video over again. For those who want to see more, be sure to head over to Chabott Engineering’s website which includes pictures of other motorcycles Kimura has designed.

Source & images: Vimeo/Henrik Hansen