rolling in the deep

Adele should try to do a cover of this guy’s version of her song!

Whether you like her music or not, it cannot be denied that Adele’s songs have had immense success worldwide. When this happens, it is inevitable that hundreds, if not thousands of people will try their hand at covering one of these tunes. The result is often something that is but a pale shadow of the original or is so fantastically awful that one wonders if the intention of the person covering the song is revenge rather than tribute.

One rendition you may have not anticipated, though, is Liao Jialin’s Chinese Opera-style version of 2011’s “Rolling in the Deep” on the tv show 1.3 Billion Decibel. On this show, singers take popular songs and sing them in different dialects. As a graduate of the Guangdong Conservatory of Music, there’s no doubt that Liao Jialin knows what he’s doing when it comes to singing or classical Chinese Opera. One might wonder, though, if this particular song would translate very well into such a specific genre.

Well, wonder no more. Feast your eyes on this amazing and somewhat crazy video:

Liao Jialin’s performance has garnered over 6 million views on the Chinese instant messaging app WeChat since it was first made available about a month ago.

▼ Here’s Adele’s original, in case you need it for comparison.

However, this isn’t the only musical moment grabbing people’s attention lately. Joseph Busto, an exchange student from Ohio, performed on the Korean tv show I Can See Your Voice and sang a well-known ballad in Korean that had the judges and the audience tearing up.  Not only were they stunned that he could sing so well in Korean, but they were also touched because he seemed to understand what the song was really about; it had been recorded by the band SG Wannabe in memory of one of their band members who had committed suicide.

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Source: Next Shark, YOMYOMF
Featured Image: Next Shark