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Special pads are designed to not only make you smell good, but look better too.

As the country that so famously reminded us through children’s literature that everyone poops, it stands to reason that Japan also understands that everyone farts. Still, inevitable part of the rich tapestry of human life though it may be, passing gas can be quite embarrassing for the farter, and also unpleasant for anyone within earshot or smelling distance.

But intestinal zephyrs are poised to become less awkward for all concerned parties in Japan thanks to the Silent Cushion, a special pad that reduces the sound of the user’s flatulence.

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Made of soft yet supportive foam, the Silent Cushion’s contours are designed to muffle the audible portion of farts, eliminating some 80 percent of their noise, as shown in this test video.

▼ Regular farts at 0:20, Silent Cushion farts at 0:42

And because it’s called just the Silent Cushion, not the Silent But Deadly Cushion, the pad also houses an activated carbon filter to block offensive smells as well.

The designers recommend the Silent Cushion not only for office workers, but also students who’ll be sitting for lengthy exams and even couples sharing the enclosed space of a car on long, romantic drives. Available domestically from multiple online retailers, the cushion itself is priced at 8,500 yen (US$83), while a pack of three replacement filters (which should last three to six months) costs 1,800 yen.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the makers also tout the Silent Cushion’s posture-correcting characteristics as well. So if it works as advertised, you’ll have more people admiring your straight back, in addition to fewer smelling and hearing your butt.

Source: IT Media
Images: Onara Pants (edited by RocketNews24)

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