For a special accessory that is supposed to complement the game, people sure are negative about it.

People were surprised when the previously announced Pokémon GO accessory was delayed, however, thousands of fans are excited about its upcoming release. There are some pretty useful functions that the accessory can perform, such as activating Pokéstops and catching wild Pokémon. It sounds pretty great, but it’s not all sunshine and lollipops for Niantic and Nintendo though, as not only are they losing players in droves, but there are some vocal ones who were hoping that the accessory would also be able to handle other functions.


The feature many people wanted was for the accessory to act like a pedometer and help hatch the eggs, but unfortunately that isn’t something that it will do. And while players can use the product to alert them to wild Pokémon and catch them with a click, that functionality won’t extend to Pokémon which are lured by the in-game item, incense.

▼ Forget the sleeve, this man wears his Pokémon pride on his front pocket!


Still, many Pokémon GO players will be happy to purchase one of these cute bracelets as it will allow them to walk around without having to stare at their phone, although it appears that the app will still have to be on and running. Freeing players from their screens will hopefully allow people to focus their attention on things that matter…like keeping an eye on where they are walking.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Images: Nintendo