Pokémon GO players will soon be able to play without getting out their phones!

Pokémon GO developer Niantic announced on Wednesday that the Nintendo-developed “Pokémon GO Plus” accessory (pictured at right) “will be available in much of the world” on September 16. The company added that a few South American territories will see the accessory later this year.

The game’s official Japanese website also confirmed on Thursday that the device will retail for 3,500 yen (about US$34.40) in Japan. The device will retail for US$34.99 in the U.S.

Nintendo originally planned to release the device in late July, but delayed the release until September, citing both the improvements in the Pokémon Go app and the unprecedented success as the reasons for the delay, so that it could manufacture more units for the game’s huge number of users.

The device allows players to capture nearby Pokémon without relying on their phones. Players can wear the accessory in their pockets or wear it as a wristband. The device will flash or vibrate to alert players of any Pokémon in the area. Pressing the white button in the center will toss a Pokéball at the Pokémon. The device will also alert users whenever a Pokéstop is in range; pressing the white button will be the equivalent of spinning the stop for items.

[Via Dengeki Online, Polygon]

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