A final thank you from a cat that led a love-filled life.

For many, the passing of a pet can be just as painful as the passing of a relative. Pets often become just as much a part of the family as any human – they help us get through hard times, they make us laugh, and they bring us dead mice as presents.

But as Japanese Twitter user ‏@kmhuk_pmr_k recently discovered, just because a close pet passed away, that doesn’t mean they’re gone. Here’s the tweet they posted that has the Japanese internet in joyful tears:

▼ “For some reason, red spider lillies bloomed only in the place where we buried our cat a few months ago. I looked it up and the symbolic phrases for red spider lillies is ‘looking forward to seeing you again’ and I can’t stop crying….”

Whoever’s chopping those onions had better stop it! My burning, watery eyes can’t take much more of this.

Another Twitter user chimed in with a similar story of their own:

▼ “For some reason a sunflower started blooming only in the place
where we buried our hamster a while ago. Now I can’t stop crying.”

▼ “The symbolic phrase for sunflowers is ‘I only have eyes for you.’
It feels like you gave that hamster a wonderful life.”

Oh geez. Oh geez. Just cut to the Japanese commenters!

“Whoa, that gave me goosbumps.”
“You must’ve made that cat very happy.”
“I need to go play with my cat. Now.”
“(To owner) Aw, seeing that must have made you sad.”
“(In response) No, it just made me remember all the good memories of us playing together!”

All right everyone, go home and hug your cats (and hamsters) tonight! And if you don’t have a pet of your own, here’s some stories of crazy and loyal pets so you can feel all the ups and downs of pet-ownership, without having to scoop up any poop.

Source: Twitter/@kmhuk_pmr_k via BUZZmag
Featured/top image: GAHAG