Does this make the appliance debris or an evacuee?

The Pacific typhoon season tends to taper off as we get further into fall, but Typhoon Megi arrived in Taiwan on September 27 with driving rain and extremely powerful winds. Citizens who had not received evacuation notices were advised to stay in their homes during the storm to avoid exposing themselves to the myriad dangers of the unsafe travel conditions.

But one appliance seems to have chosen to ignore that warning.

A video sent to Japanese Twitter user @Asari_urawa shows a full-sized refrigerator being propelled by the wind down the center lane of a divided road. Granted, the fact that it was standing upright at street level in the first place suggests this might be either a store display model or an item that was in the middle of being delivered, and thus may be standing on rollers of some kind. Nonetheless, it’s shown moving at an alarmingly rapid rate of speed, especially for something that shouldn’t be moving at all.

▼ The brave-hearted woman in this video tried to stop the runaway fridge, but wisely realized that standing directly in its path would have been a terrible tactic.

Let this serve as a reminder that during dangerous weather patterns, you should always obey the instructions of local authorities, and also make sure your large household items are secured, or at least indoors.

Sources: Hamster Sokuho, CNN
Featured image: Twitter/@Asari_urawa