This is one amusement park ride you wouldn’t want to be on.

Typhoon Lan made landfall south of Tokyo yesterday morning, bringing with it strong winds and torrential rain that hampered the country’s transportation system. Even after the typhoon passed, strong winds persisted for much of the day, with people sharing images and videos online of the after-effects in their areas.

One of the most frightening videos to surface online was this one from Twitter user @Ruru0912adjpp, who lives in Aichi Prefecture. Filmed from a window on the second floor of their home, the clip shows the gondolas of a nearby ferris wheel spinning wildly in the wind.

That’s one ferris wheel we definitely wouldn’t want to be on! The heavy gondolas are blown about as if they were light objects in the wind, rotating around non-stop for minutes at a time.

Another Twitter user filmed the same scene, this time from a different angle.

The ferris wheel in the clip is one of the rides at Minami-Chita Beach Land, an amusement park which, thankfully, suspended all operations on the day due to the strong winds. According to media reports, staff at the park claim that this spinning of the gondolas is actually due to a design feature that helps to prevent damage to the tall structure on windy days.

Still, people online were quick to declare their feelings about the clip on Twitter, leaving comments like:

“They’re dancing around like paper balloons!”
“I definitely wouldn’t ride this.”
“This would be scarier than being on a rollercoaster!”
“Is this a new type of amusement park ride?”
“It’s like a merry-go-round in the air!”

Thankfully, no reports of injuries from the park have surfaced, largely due to the fact that they didn’t allow crazy thrill-seekers to try out the spinning gondolas. Operations recommenced today after a full safety check was carried out to ensure visitor safety.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@Ruru0912adjpp