Follow these tips to minimize damage to your home, stay safe, and prepare for a massive cyclone.

Typhoon Faxai’s turbulent winds and torrential rain left destruction and chaos in its wake just a month ago, but that pales in comparison to what Typhoon Hagibis potentially will inflict upon the country over this weekend.

Although the Category 5 super typhoon is expected to weaken to a Category 4 before making landfall, such powerful forces of nature should never be underestimated. Follow this checklist tweeted by the Japanese government to ensure that your home remains a safe haven and not a hazard (translation below).

● Close storm shutters and remember to check them for damage.
● Ensure windows are not rattling.
● Windows without storm shutters should have curtains pulled shut. Cracked windows should be reinforced with anti-shattering film.
● Clear branches, leaves or sand from rain gutters.
● Check to see if any roof tiles are broken or loose.
● Ensure TV antennae are not rusty or loose.
● Remove clothes drying poles and racks.
● Reinforce trees in gardens if required.
● Bring potted plants indoors.
● Securely fasten propane gas cylinders (if any).

To prepare for extended blackouts and evacuation, the Japan Meteorological Agency also recommends people to have the following items close at hand:

● Flashlight
● Battery-powered radio
● First aid kits and medicine
● Clothes
● Emergency rations
● Portable gas stove
● Valuables

Because things will inevitably go flying in the strong wind and potentially shatter windows, letting down blinds or curtains will reduce the possibility of getting injured from stray glass shards. It is also crucial to have easy access to clean water for consumption, so remember to purchase a few bottles from the local supermarket or convenience store!

Typhoon Hagibis is the biggest cyclone rumbling through Japan so far this year, so remember to keep your pantries well-stocked, your homes sound, and stay as safe as possible!

Sources: Twitter/@gov_online, Japan Meteorological Agency
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