Don’t try this at home folks; let the people on the Internet take the risk for you!

There are plenty of people out there who are trying to get Internet famous. We are talking about people trying to find something unique or different and getting the Internet to sit up and pay attention. Whether that kind of fame is a good thing or not is up for debate, but it has led to one benefit: a lot of really cool science-y experiments are being uploaded!

Some of the biggest viral videos in the last couple of years have featured people setting up experiments just to see what would happen. That appears to be the reason for this video as somewhere in Japan, a few people decided to find out what happens when you heat up an iron ball and put it on a block of ice.

▼ To skip watching them heat the ball, jump to 1:15.

Sure, a lot of the video is spent just heating the ball up, but that just helps to build the suspense and our anticipation for what will happen when the two opposing temperatures meet! The initial reactions are pretty promising as the ice makes some pretty audible cracks, however the ending is less explosive and more *sploosh*.

▼ 2,912 degree Fahrenheit iron ball…


▼ …meet this block of ice!


Still, it made for a truly interesting video, which is more than you can say for a lot of what is out there. Maybe these burgeoning “scientists” should try even bigger temperature extremes. Perhaps they need to visit the local Baskin Robbins (31) to get their hands on some dry ice! For now, we’ll just see what else YouTube decides to recommend for us.

Source & screenshots: YouTube/Corpokur