The original Radwimps song is great, but the cover is giving Japanese people goosebumps.

Taking a song in one language and changing the words into another language so that it matches the song is not an easy task. The length and rhythm of the words can be vastly different, so it isn’t as simple as directly translating the words. But this task has become practically routine for Rebecca Watanabe who often translates Japanese songs into English and English songs into Japanese with just a bit of help.

One of her most recent covers has become quite popular with Japanese audiences likely due to how well she’s changed the all-Japanese song into English and it being the theme of the hit-movie, Your Name.

▼ “Zen Zen Zense”

The original writers of the song, Radwimps, are known for singing some of their songs in English, but Watanabe does a great job of capturing the emotion and heart of the song, it’s almost as if Radwimps wrote the lyrics themselves.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Radwimps song, and keep your eyes out for Your Name hopefully coming to a theater near you.

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: YouTube/渡辺レベッカ ☆ Rebecca Butler Watanabe