This is something you definitely don’t want to see poking its head out from your air conditioner.

Snakes have been getting adventurous in Japan this summer. From riding on the shinkansen to causing havoc on a train in Tokyo, it seems the cold-blooded creatures just can’t stop looking for ways to connect with humans in the warm summer months.

Now a Japanese resident has captured the moment a snake entered the lounge room via an unusual entrance: the wall-mounted air-conditioning unit. Watch as the curious, tongue-flicking reptile casually pokes its head out from the appliance and proceeds to make its way into the room.

According to the person who was visited by the snake, the incident ended with them grabbing the snake with a pair of tongs and putting it back outside. We sure hope they were some long tongs.

Here’s what people have been saying about the clip on Twitter.

“This will cool you down to your bones right away!”
“Is there a setting for ‘snake’ on your remote control?”
“A mouse came out of my air conditioner once.”
“You should’ve turned the appliance on to see what would happen!”
“It’s a cute and harmless Japanese rat snake. You should’ve kept it as a pet!”

Apparently, the snake may have been lured into the building due to the smell of mice, which the owner keeps inside as pets. On advice from fellow users, there’s now some sturdy mesh covering the air conditioning unit outside so hopefully there’ll be no more unexpected visitors in the future!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@lesser_dog