Saya is now one step closer to her creators’ goal of having her become a full-fledged actress.

They say that sharing a project together can help bring married couples closer together, and it makes sense. After all, whether it’s as simple as cooking dinner together or redecorating the living room, there’re plenty of positive vibes to be felt in putting your heads together and producing something that provides a sense of accomplishment.

Husband and wife Teruyuki and Yuka Ishikawa happen to be involved in a bit more ambitious of an undertaking, though. For more than a year, the pair of Tokyo-based CG modelers has been working on Saya, an amazingly lifelike CG construct of a Japanese schoolgirl. We’ve been wowed by her photos before, and now comes a video showing her in motion for the first time.

At the currently ongoing CEATEC Japan electronics trade show, exhibitor Sharp is showing off its new 8K monitor, and to demonstrate its high-spec clarity, visitors to the booth can see a video of Saya as she turns and grins for the virtual camera. While some of the animation looks a bit off (her hair and clothing look oddly stiff), her muscular movement looks like the real thing, and as always the textures of her skin and hair look uncannily close to those of a living human being.

The Ishikawas have long said their eventual goal is for Saya to be the star of a movie, and while her gig at CEATEC is closer to a commercial or celebrity endorsement, it’s exciting to see her make her first steps into the world of show business.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Sharp

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