Recharge your batteries with Pikachu juice, in three gorgeous designs.

One of the best things about coming across a vending machine in Japan is the chance to peer inside at a beautiful array of weird and wonderful brightly lit drinks. This autumn, we’ll be keeping an eye out for the DyDo brand of vending machines, following the announcement that they’ll be stocking a special range of Pocket Monster Apple and Peach juices, in cute little bottles featuring three different Pikachu designs.


The exclusive range has been produced to coincide with the 18 November release of the new Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Sun and Moon games, along with the tie-in television anime series set to premiere around Japan that same month. The loveable star of the franchise, Pikachu, will appear on the bright yellow bottle packaging, but you won’t know which design you’ll get until it’s dispensed from the vending machine!



Released on 3 October, the new beverage uses domestic fruit juice with no artificial colouring or sweeteners, making it a good option for both children and adults. The 280-millilitre (9.5-fluid ounce) bottles will retail for 115 yen (about US$1.11), plus tax, and can be found at DyDo vending machines around the country.

Source, Images: DyDo