Meet the new winged Hachiko of the field. You could probably stage a ballet out of this story somehow.

Touching stories of animals and humans who have formed a bond are often just heartbreaking. Stories like police dogs mourning their partners really pull at our heartstrings. Japan, of course, has its famous story of the dog Hachiko, who would make its way to Shibuya Station each day to wait for his master to come home, long after his master had passed away. Well, move over Hachiko, there’s a new patient animal in town, as this Japanese person reveals with the following touching account on Twitter.


My mother was returning home when she found a swan sitting in the middle of a field. It just kept sitting there so she asked a local about it. They said that the swan is really attached to an old man who brings bread for it every winter. But this year, the old man was sent to a nursing home. The swan doesn’t know that, so it has returned and is constantly waiting for him there. 

▼ Where are the swan buddies?!?

24294631795_20f1517b39_kFlickr/yari hotaka

Several Twitter users asked whether people have given the swan bread, but it seems that whenever someone else tries to give it bread, it becomes threatening and gets really angry. And @abey69 doesn’t think this swan even cares about the bread. 

I don’t think it wants bread. I think it wants to see the old man, and when I realize that, I can’t stop crying.

Like a gut punch, that just hit us right in the feels. Forgive us while we wipe away the tears. Hopefully something can be done to help the swan move on, or maybe the nursing home can arrange a trip for him to visit his avian friend. We hope that they can meet at least one more time; we couldn’t bear it if they didn’t.

Source: My Game News Flash
Top image: Flickr/Takashi Hososhima