They might have an average age of 59 years between them, but these ladies show they can still kick it with the young crowd in this new dance video.

One of the things you might notice on a visit to Japan is the surprising energy and agility of its older generation. Whether they’re out harvesting the fields or bypassing you as you climb up Mt Fuji, the grandmothers and grandfathers in this country don’t take growing old as an opportunity to slow down. In fact, turning 60 is a milestone birthday known in Japanese as kanreki, an age when you return to your birth zodiac after five cycles of the Chinese zodiac, marking a rebirth into one’s second childhood.

Embracing this new beginning gives the older generation a new lease on life, and here to prove it are three grandmothers busting some serious dance moves to the title track from Bruno Mars’ new album, “24K Magic.” Whether they’re decked out in traditional garb or caps and shiny bomber jackets, these three keep it real with some awesome hip hop moves that defy their mature age.

Take a look at the video below:

61 year-old Tori, a grandmother who’s said to enjoy being part of the underground dance scene, has all the charm and presence of a star like Bruno Mars, capturing everyone’s attention with her cute smile. Dancing alongside her are 56 year-old “Mash” and 59 year-old “Tachiflower” who dance together at events and on TV commercials under the name “Bamboo Shoot”.


Together, the three show off some of the singer’s signature dance moves from the “24K Music” video clip. Tight-fitting kimono are well known for restricting movement, which only makes these moves even more impressive!


Three ladies in kimono fronting a troupe of young hip-hop dancers against a graffiti backdrop isn’t something you get to see every day, but these girls make it look totally natural.


The clip, produced by Ostance – the artists’ management company – shows that the ladies actually have some impressive skills when it comes to dance, with the trio busting out moves like the robot and the worm as they freestyle with the gang.


To see more of Tori’s killer moves, check out this clip from her management company. This girl proves that you’re never too old to break it down!

These ladies are the latest role models to inspire generations young and old from around the globe. Recently we’ve seen a 70-year-old pole-dancing granny, a 66-year-old cosplayer from Hiroshima, and a 54-year-old lingerie model. They all show us that age is no barrier to living out your dreams. And when it comes to older girl groups, there’s Obachaaan, a 47-member troupe from Osaka, and Okinawa’s KBG84, with an average age of 84, that continues to entertain.

Advancing in age doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams and hobbies; in fact, it can be the perfect time to indulge those passions as you enter your second childhood!

Source, images: YouTube/wow channel