Top ten sweets and snacks you’d eat at a Japanese grandmother’s house

Obaachan knows best, especially when it comes to popular Japanese snacks that have stood the test of time. 

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90-year-old Japanese granny is learning English from her grandchild, and it’s extremely precious

This granny might be starting late, but that is not going to stop her!

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YouTube channel starring 71-year-old Korean grandma is a big hit 【Video】

Yeah, your grandma is cool, but does she have a YouTube channel with over 290,000 subscribers?

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Grandma (literally!) flips out over forgotten birthday present 【Video】

A behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at your granny’s house before you see her.

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Hip hop trio dance to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic, teach us all that age is no barrier to anything【Vid】

They might have an average age of 59 years between them, but these ladies show they can still kick it with the young crowd in this new dance video.

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Japanese grandma gets a hot mess of a cake for her 68th birthday【Video】

Because nothing says “happy birthday” better than a potential fire hazard.

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Chinese granny and her adopted mixed-race son finally recognized as family after 15 years of care

How far are you willing to go to save a life? While some people think twice about helping a shabbily dressed man lying in the street, an elderly woman in Shanghai didn’t hesitate to bring home a baby she found abandoned in the bushes, nurse him back to health, and eventually adopt him into the family despite racial differences.

Join us after the jump to read the story of this Chinese granny’s incredible selflessness and compassion.

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Granny carries handicapped granddaughter to school every day, has never been late

Many city dwellers, including myself, complain and curse whenever the bus or train is late or breaks down mid-commute, causing us to be late for school or work. We often forget that we are in fact very lucky to be able to commute on public transport. Some children living in the suburbs or countryside spend hours on foot, some even have to cross mountains or rivers just to get to school.

Somewhere in Yibin City of Szechuan Province, China, a 66-year-old granny covers four kilometers of mountain roads on foot each day to send her handicapped granddaughter to school. That in itself is already an amazing feat, but the incredible thing is, they have never been late for school!

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15 heartwarming Japanese Twitter posts about good ol’ grandma

The Chinese have a saying: An elderly person at home is like having a treasure in the family. It can sometimes be exasperating having to repeat what you said five times before grandma hears you, or put up with her forgetting your name for the hundredth time, but deep down inside she’s an irreplaceable source of peace and her smile always manages to chase the blues away.

We can’t quite put a finger on what’s so fascinating about our own wrinkly old ladies, but these posts from Japanese Twitter users have convinced us that grandmothers are special people regardless of which country they come from!

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