What do you get when you put three older Japanese fishermen together? A hip hop group, of course.

Even in the midst of Japan’s aging population, age doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to music. We’ve introduced you to older generation pop groups like Osaka’s Obaaachan, Kochi’s JI-POP, and Tori’s dance trio. Today, we want to introduce you to a hip hop group with equally young spirits.

▼ Who are they!?

Feast your eyes on Rishiri Boys, a group based in northern Hokkaido’s Rishiri Island.

Rishiri Boys is a hip hop group comprised of three members: Ganze (78 years-old), Menko-E (77 years-old), and Konbuappekacha (91 years-old), making their average age 82. They’re not quite as along in their years as Okinawa’s KBG84, but we’ll let it slide. After all, these fishermen have looks, style, and local pride to boot.

▼ Can your grandpa make fishing look this cool?

In Rishiri Boys’ lyrics (written by songwriter Nishidera Gota), you’ll find references to Rishiri Island’s culture and accent. Their first song, “We are Rishiri Boys”, as seen in the video above, is available on YouTube and has garnered over 30 thousand views so far.

▼ You can catch a glimpse into these hip hop stars’ daily life in their music video,
and they’ve also got some pretty cute backup dancers too.

Rishiri Boys recently performed at popular fashion show Sapporo Collection 17, where their cool and cute personalities wowed the fashion-hungry crowd. They declared that their next goal is to appear on NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen, a famous TV program broadcast at New Year’s. Do you think they’ve got what it takes?

Images: YouTube/Rishiri Town Office
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