A new selfie trend taken from a Japanese anime illustration is going viral.

Most crazy Internet fads like the ridiculous planking phenomenon and the ice-bucket challenge may be something you can share with your friends and family, however this latest challenge has a slightly more risqué tone.

The one-finger selfie challenge has been borne out of a drawing by a Japanese anime artist known as Sky-FreeDom. You can see the illustration below next to one of the one-finger selfie challengers whose video has since gone viral. You can also watch the video here, which has accumulated almost 1 million views in less than a week:

As with many of these so-called Internet challenges it seems as if the real challenge is how many likes or followers one can get on their Instagram or YouTube account. And by the looks of this latest trend, people are willing to go a long way for it – even being practically naked for the world to see.

▼ Perhaps a less risqué attempt at the one finger challenge

And no, the fellas didn’t want to be left out of this eye-catching movement; some guys were also willing to bare all – bar one finger – for a little bit of online recognition.

In the current world of fast news and quick Internet fame it seems trends like these are not going to go away anytime soon. The apparent ease in which people can now attain fame seems to be one of the driving factors in these trends. Interestingly, a new soon-to-be-released documentary called Big In Japan promises to explore some of these ideas.

So are you a fan of these trends? Do you ever participate? What do you think is the main motivation?

Source: Narinari
Top image: YouTube/Davison(Davison Video)