A new selfie trend taken from a Japanese anime illustration is going viral.

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Soaking in the sun: the latest diet craze in Hong Kong

Fad diets are a dime a dozen, and some people will go to extreme lengths to lose weight, but would you ever consider turning to the sun for help losing weight?

Apparently, some women in Hong Kong have recently taken to standing and staring at the sun for about half an hour a day in an effort to shed the pounds. We have to admit, as far as weight-loss methods go, it’s definitely a cheaper option. But are followers of this latest diet trend working their way towards blindness rather than thinness?

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China issues public service announcement over “somersault kiss” trend【Video】

Videos of people attempting an acrobatic move that starts in a somersault and ends in a kiss have been sweeping across Chinese microblogging site Weibo this week, prompting an official warning from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

The so-called “somersault kiss” has spawned compilation videos of couples putting a bit of acrobatic excitement into their relationship by trying out the move in bedrooms, dormitories, and car parks – resulting in plenty of falling over, inadvertent head-butting, and other amusing results. The Ministry of Public Security went so far as to post a warning message on one of its official Weibo sites, telling people not to imitate the risky move.

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