A “really ordinary person from Australia” attempts to become famous in Japan and is making a film about it.

Ever wanted to be famous in Japan? Maybe this upcoming documentary will show you how. The sneak preview of Big In Japan: An Outrageous DIY Fame Journey was released online one week ago and it looks like a very interesting project – one that is likely to be the subject of a lot of conversation in the foreign community over the coming years.

You can check out the Big In Japan teaser here:

Appearing in the documentary teaser is “presenter” David Elliot-Jones, an Australian who describes himself as “really ordinary”. Elliot-Jones tells us that he has moved to Tokyo with two of his friends on an “open-ended mission” to try and make himself “famous”.

Big In Japan documentary presenter David Elliot-Jones


In the trailer, Elliot-Jones can be seen sitting down in a Tokyo park wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks and an onigiri (rice ball) head mask. It will be interesting to find out what kind of other crazy stuff Elliot-Jones intends to do to become famous in Japan.

▼ Wearing an onigiri (rice ball) head mask to become famous


The documentary will also explore the idea of fame and what makes it so desirable:

“In an era of instant celebrity, fame is evolving fasting than ever. But what is it? Why do we want it? And what does it take for an ordinary person to get it?”

The documentary will also follow some foreigners who have already made it “big in Japan” including “feisty Aussie cross-dresser (Ladybeard), a starry-eyed Canadian J-pop wannabe (Kelsey Parnigoni) and veteran TV sweetheart, Bob ‘The Beast’ Sapp.”

▼ Richard Magarey aka “Ladybeard” filmed here as a “normal” guy


Richard Magarey aka “Ladybeard” is mainly famous for dressing up in women’s outfits but also has some talent as a heavy metal vocalist. You can check him out here doing a photo shoot with the also famous “Sailor suit old man”. Magarey’s even gone so far as wrestling with “Sailor suit old man” and joined forces with Japanese pop idols to create the Ladybaby band.

Big In Japan: An Outrageous DIY Fame Journey is currently in post-production and will be released independently by Melbourne-based production company Walking Fish Productions.

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Images: Vimeo/Walking Fish Productions