This setup doesn’t look like it’s designed for normal pooping practices.

While buying a house involves a larger financial outlay then renting a place to live, there are some definite upsides to home ownership. Instead of paying rent every month, you’re building equity, giving you an asset that you can leverage to obtain credit if need be. Should you ever decide to move, depending on the market conditions, you might even be able to sell your house for more than the price you bought it at.

But no doubt the best part of owning your own home must be the joyful pride of knowing that everything is set up just as you like it, and that you’re the first person to walk on its floors, cook in its kitchen, and pee in its toilets.

Unfortunately, that last activity might be a little uncomfortable for Japanese Twitter user @nagi_sa_ten, who recently tweeted a pair of photos from his newly built house.

At first glance, nothing seems to be amiss. Spotless walls, high-tech toilet, and eve a classy wooden door leading to the bathroom. Except, take another look at the door’s metal fixtures, and see if you notice a tiny little problem.

That’s right: the bathroom door locks from the outside.

It’s hard to think of many scenarios where this would be a positive. Sure, maybe there are alligators crawling out of the toilet, or your stool has become possessed by vengeful spirits before you could flush, and you want to seal the dangers inside. Baring those two unlikely situations, though, all this setup means is that there’s a possibility of being locked inside bathroom, where you’d perhaps be forced to survive by drinking water out of the bowl like a dog while you await rescue.

Like most homeowners, @nagi_sa_ten would prefer a functional bathroom portal to one that’s a conversation piece, hostage-taking aid, or potential trap, and so he called a locksmith to have the mechanism flipped around to the normal lock-on-the-inside configuration.

And so order was restored to @nagi_sa_ten’s home, and nothing unlucky ever happened to him again…

…until his scissors broke in a maddeningly frustrating manner the day after he got the bathroom lock fixed.

You know what? Maybe his new home is haunted by vengeful spirits.

Source: Twitter/@nagi_sa_ten