Relator says island home is great choice for telecommuters.

Ads for an apartment or home rentals in Japan make a point of quickly mentioning the property’s attractive amenities. “Shower and toilet located in separate rooms,” “pre-installed heater/air conditioning units,” and “auto-locking front door,” for example, are all pretty common things to proudly tell prospective renters about.

But then there’s this home for rent that includes a bus.

To be clear, this isn’t a bus that’s been converted into a home, but a regular single-story house on the island of Hachijojima (technically part of Tokyo, but located far to the south of the capital) that has a full-size mass-transit vehicle parked right next to it and included in the lease. The bus is even parked in such a way that its door lines up with a sliding glass door for the house, allowing you to step directly from the house into the bus.

While you could use the bus as a very unique sitting room, realtor Hachijo House recommends using it as a storage space, saying it’s especially handy for people currently telecommuting who don’t want their work PC and documents cluttering up the rest of the house when their shift is over. Also, though it’s unclear whether or not the bus can be driven, the engine can be started, and it’s electrical and climate control systems are in working order, so Hachijo House says the vehicle can be used as a shelter in the case of a disaster that knocks out power to the house.

The house itself has a front room, kitchen, office, bedroom, and bathroom, plus a sunroom/veranda for a total of approximately 74 square meters (797 square feet) of floor space when the bus is added in.

▼ That’s the bus at the bottom of the floorplan.

Monthly rent is 70,000 yen (US$667), and interested parties can find further information through Hachijo House’s website here.

Source: Hachijo House via Twitter/@kamosio157
Images: Hachijo House
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